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Asus' Z9000 Notebook Offers Road Warrior Pretenses

Performance Benchmarks

Quake III Arena

For our Quake III Arena benchmark, we tested the Z9000 versus the Averatec AV3220H1 and Asus S5200N . The Averatec has the Unichrome integrated graphics module by S3-Graphics. Asus ultraportable comes with Intel's i855GM chipset We patched Quake III to version 1.16 and ran the test at 1024X768.

3d Mark 2001 SE 330

3DMark 2001 was run with default settings at 1024X768 resolution. Here we compare the Z9000 versus the Asus S5200N

Splinter Cell

The Low Quality run was done with low shadow level, low shadow resolution and high effects quality. The High Quality run was done with high shadow level, high shadow resolution and very high effects quality