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How to Connect Your Ecobee 3 to Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is slowly being integrated with several smart home systems and devices. Among the first is the Ecobee 3 thermostat, currently our top pick for smart thermostats. Connecting the Echo with the Ecobee is fairly easy, and should only take a minute or so.

Here's how to connect the Amazon Echo to the Ecobee.

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1. Select Settings in the Alexa App.

2. Select Connected Home in the Account section.

3. Select Ecobee under the Device Links section.

4. Enter your Ecobee account information in the screen that appears.

5. Authorize the Ecobee app to work with the Echo.

6. In the Settings menu in the Alexa App, select Discover Devices.

Your ecobee should appear in the Devices list. You can now change the temperature by saying “Alexa, change the temperature to (73) degrees. A full list of Ecobee commands can be found here

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