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Alienware Ozma 7 Headphones Reviewed

Ozma 7... Yeah, We Don't Know What It Means Either

Alienware is a company best known for its bleeding-edge gaming machines. Because of this, it is not surprising to see the company moving into the realm of producing high-end gaming peripherals.

The Ozma 7 headphones are the result of a partnership between Alienware and German audiophiles Ultrasone AG, who market their S-Logic "Natural Surround Sound Headphones" to professionals and enthusiasts alike. With Alienware staking their reputation on high-quality, premium goods, it is no surprise then that these headphones cost a good $199.95 to buy direct from the company.

Take the headphones out of the box, and one might at first question that hefty price tag. Apart from sporting a modified Alienware logo on both ears, the headphones do not look chunky enough to provide the kind of sound quality they promise. The first indication of real class and style is the gold-plated ¼" (6.3mm) adapter, which screws off to reveal the main 1/8" (3.5mm plug), which is also gold-plated.

The plug is at the end of a rather lengthy 10' (3 m) cable. This is handy for plugging in to the potentially distant rear panel of one's computer, but can leave you with a large tangle of unused wire if you happen to plug your headphones into a front jack. It's odd that Alienware made this design choice, because as the makers of high-end gaming machines, they regularly put such headphone jacks as close to the front of their rigs as possible.