Alienware's First Curved Monitor Is a Beauty

Alienware already dipped its toes into gaming monitors earlier this year; now, the PC maker is going all in.

After releasing the fairly straightforward AW2518H, the company just took the wraps off the AW3418DW: a stunning 34-inch ultrawide gaming display that has the sharp angles and fancy lights you'd expect from an Alienware product.

In our AW2518H review, we gave Alienware's debut monitor big props for its gorgeous design, impressive ergonomics and strong brightness and color, but found it too expensive. We're eager to see how Alienware's first curved model stacks up to competitors from Acer and Samsung when it hits later this year.

Like the standard 25-inch model, Alienware's $1,499 AW3418DW sports the same silver paneling and three-way lighting strips that you'll find on the company's desktops and laptops. This time, however, the screen stretches a massive 34 inches wide, providing a 3440 x 1440 image that's ideal for both immersive gaming and productive multitasking. The display barely shows any bezel.

The curved screen stretches a massive 34 inches wide, ideal for both immersive gaming and productive multitasking.

Specs-wise, the AW3418DW features a 120Hz refresh rate, a 4ms response time and a 1900 radius curvature. It also sports Nvidia's G-Sync technology for extra smooth graphics performance.

The 3418DW is available now for $1,499 -- a cheaper, full-HD version, the AW3418HW, will launch for $1,199 later this holiday.

Image Credit: Alienware

Michael Andronico

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