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Watch Tosy's Drawing Robot Draw A Dragon

The second of Tosy's two products shown off at CES 2012 doesn't have the vim and panache of their adorable dancing robot. However, it does have a keen eye for detail and the patience necessary to create fine workman-like quality. It's a drawing bot - can't you tell by its adorable quill ballpoint pen?

This one's just a prototype and is nowhere near complete; Tosy's rep told us that they're shooting for an August or September complete date with the possibility of retail by the 2012 holiday season. Even at this early stage it's kind of cool. Included software links the robot to your computer. Users select from a series of available templates which the robot will dutifully render in lavish, well, passable detail.

The finished product will likely feature a more detailed, colorful body and a wider array of drawings than was on display at their booth. Alas, there are no plans at this time to allow users to create their own graphics for the robot's artistic pleasure, so this is mainly going to be a fun accoutrement for parties lacking other suitable conversation topics. Still, watch how eagerly it draws a dragon. Check out all its majesty!