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Reese's Announces ''Solid State'' Candy at CES

We were surprised to see Reese’s at CES Unveiled in New York City last October. What is a candy company doing at a tech event? We tried to charm some answers out of them but they weren’t having any of it. When we asked why they picked CES to launch their new product, it being a tech show and them being a candy company, they just told us we’d have to come along to CES and see for ourselves. One rep even said, “We know it’s a tech show, and while we can’t say anything about the product, it’s right that we be there. You’ll see.”

We were thoroughly intrigued by the mystery of it all. Some of the biggest products have been announced at CES (the Xbox, anyone?) and though we weren’t expecting anything completely out of this world, we were excited at the thought of a candy company entering the electronics industry. So, we showed up at their booth and waited for the big reveal. With about five minutes to go, webceleb Chris Pirillo came out and told us excitedly that in a few minutes, we’d see "the next big little thing," and gave us a little clue as to what we could expect: "It’s solid state," he said, before disappearing behind a giant box.

When he reappeared, there was a little chit chat and a couple of words from Reese’s head of R&D who said they had been researching their next product for a long time; Reese's has been trying to figure out how to cater to today’s people (today’s people being the kind that do “the surfin’, the textin’, and the IMin!’”). After all of that, they finally took the cover off of their new “solid state" product: Reese's Minis! Seriously. 

Apparently their unwrapped state and tiny form mean they’re perfect for those of us who spend our days surfing the internet and cramming handfuls of candy into our mouths. Oh and the whole solid state thing? Technically, since they have no moving parts, they’re solid state. "They’re also 3D" joked Pirillo, before yelling, "Free candy!!"

Everyone in attendance got a free bag of Reese’s Minis but we were definitely disappointed by the announcement. We hadn’t expected something huge -- and were fully prepared to accept something gimmicky, like a flash drive shaped like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup -- but we expected something techy, considering that was what was implied so many times.

Attending the event wasn’t a total waste in terms of tech. One of the Reese’s promotional girls had a pair of Reese’s on-ear headphones that looked pretty funky. A quick browse online shows that they retail for about $20 at on Exciting stuff.

  • Kileak
    Mmmmmm Reese's.
  • buwish
    I bought a bag of those and they are excellent!
  • burnley14
    I'm sorry you lost those few minutes of your life Jane. At least free candy helps ease the pain.
  • Marco925
    I wanna go to CES Now!
  • joelmartinez
    I love Reese's but why make them smaller :(
  • mayankleoboy1
    candy's are good, but i would have preferrred something more solid.
  • eddieroolz
    uuuuhhh....really...solid state candy...

    Then that makes every other candy solid state too...
  • JMcEntegart
    10056440 said:
    I'm sorry you lost those few minutes of your life Jane. At least free candy helps ease the pain.

    I don't like Reese's. :cry:

  • pandemonium_ctp
    To think I was expecting something outrageously technical to result from this. Silly me. :/

    This just opens the flood gates to marketing non-tech merchandise at CES. Next we'll be seeing McDonald's preying on the masses with their new "flash fries" or Redbull and their "AMOLED energy supplements".
  • Travis Beane
    JMcEntegartI don't like Reese's.You heathen!

    I'm satisfied by the results myself. Mmmn, Reese's...