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Model Suing Apple Over Stolen iPhoto Pictures

Aspiring model Rebecca Battino, 19, says the photos she took of herself when she was 16-years-old were used without her permission in 'eXtreme Cam Girls' and the New York Post reports that the photos have spread 'like a virus to dozens of flesh sites' across the web. Battino says the pictures were stolen from her computer but refused to discuss who might have stolen them or how they may have gone about it.

Neither Apple nor Samba Studios have commented on the million dollar lawsuit filed by Battino last week. However, Ms. Battino has made her motives for the lawsuit very clear and isn't, as most would assume, uncomfortable with her private photos appearing in sexy apps.  

"I was just upset that I'm not being paid for my pictures," she told the New York Post. "I'm not embarrassed."

Source: NYPost

*Image via Facebook