Best Buy: We Don't Want Your PS3 Consoles!

With reports of PlayStation 3 Slim consoles showing up on retail shelves already rolling in, naturally Sony fans are considering packing up the older model and heading down to their local GameStop or Best Buy for a little trade-in love. Unfortunately, the latter company isn't too keen on the idea of receiving all those older models, and has a plan in the works to keep the incoming tide of PlayStation 3 consoles down to a minimum.

Kotaku is reporting that Best Buy distributed an internal memo--verified by several employees at different locations--that says the company will offer a choice of a free PlayStation 3 game (Infamous, MLB 09 The Show, or Killzone 2) and $100 for the older 80 GB PlayStation 3 console trade-in (given users still have the receipt dated within the last 30 days).Granted this reduces the number of Slim versions flying off the shelves due to trade-ins, the company did say that it will take trade-ins for the Slim model and apply $100 to the price, however consumers won't receive the free game.

"It's important to note that this isn't an advertised sale, it's an internal memo," Kotaku said. "So it may be up to the store manager's discretion how often to offer the deal." G4TV chimed in on that note, adding that one store hadn't heard of the promotion, one offered $100 but no game, and one is offering the $100-and-free-game deal.

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  • Stardude82
    Besides size and power consumption, I don't see any advantage to the PS3 slim over the regular PS3. $100 credit and a game seems about fair for a retail trade in. EBay systems are selling for about $200.
  • hakesterman
    I don't want a slim, less room for air flow thus more likely to over heat.
  • Blessedman
    If I still had my receipt within 30 days, I would just get my money back on it and get a slim. lol
  • Zenthar
    hakestermanI don't want a slim, less room for air flow thus more likely to over heat.The again, the die-shrinked processor also means less heat.
  • gold5225
    Smaller components so it will not need as much room for air flow as it will not displace as much heat.The Slim also has the capabilities to bitstream Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio and sync with Sony bravia and samsung tvs
  • Jazzmain
    I don't think it Bestbuy can stop people from returning their products within the 30day return policy. Like Blessedman said, just go in there get your money back for it and go and repurchase it again, whether there or a different Bestbuy.
  • exit2dos
    The slim also has a bigger (120GB) hard drive.
  • dman3k
    If the Slim dosn't drain power like a small refrigerator like the PS3 was when i'm watching a movie, sign me up!
  • SneakySnake
    Trading in for the Slim is stupid. You lose the ability to install Linux, and you get an HDD that is 40 GB bigger if you go to best buy and get your $100 trade in deal, meaning your paying $200 for an extra 40 GB's of space, and a (debatable) better looking case.

    I'd take the $200 and buy a 64 GB SSD for my PS3 instead, or maybe a 500 GB 2.5" drive, or maybe a slew of new games.

    To be honest I like the look of the old PS3's better
  • megamanx00
    What!? People still want a PS3? News to me :D