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Lenovo Cuts Linux From Web Sales

A spokesperson for the company told ComputerWorld that the company’s commitment to Linux hasn’t changed, but with the elimination of Linux and last month’s omission of Linux on the company’s latest netbook we’d be inclined to wonder.

At the beginning of August, Lenovo announced its push into the netbook industry with the new IdeaPad. However, while many of Lenovo’s markets will have the option to choose between Linux and Windows, Linux is not an option for North Americans.

Lenovo did not release any comment on why Linux was not available for the IdeaPad, although comparison of the U.S. press release with the IdeaPad release from other countries shows that the exclusion of Linux from the netbook is not global.

We’re beginning to wonder about Lenovo and Linux. The same spokesperson also said that the reason the company was ditching Linux for orders made via the web was because the demand for Linux-based machines from online orders was not meeting expectations.

Lenovo and Linux have been holding hands since 2000.

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