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Power Cut: Jimmy Kimmel Does Show on Laptop

Power cuts can be fun, as long as they don't interrupt your busy day. Fortunately, fully charged laptops and phones are often see you through to the end of the dark ages. And who knows, maybe you'll even come away from it all with an interesting story, just like Jimmy Kimmel. An hour before shooting the latest episode of his show a power outage shut down the Jimmy Kimmel Live control room, broadcast transmission center, and tape operations area. They had some power but the cameras were down so they couldn't tape the show. But, with a studio audience and celebrity guests waiting, they couldn't not tape the show either. Kimmel solved things by recording the entire show with his laptop's webcam. Guests Seth Rogen, John Henson and Dierks Bentley were interviewed as planned and Bently even performed live.

Check out the video clip below if you can handle the audience screaming and cheering every five seconds, which is actually obnoxiously loud when on a webcam.