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A Look At Flastar Technology's WiDisk

Sometimes, you really want to share something cool with your friends and you don't have the time to upload the file to Rapidshare or whatever service hasn't yet been ruined by a paywall. Sometimes, you want to do this without the effort of handing over a flashdrive and ensuring you remember to grab it when you leave. That's where a device like Flastar's WiDisk USB storage comes in.

First and foremost, it's a decent USB flashdrive with 16 GB of embedded flash memory and an additional slot for a MicroSD card up 32 GB. Nothing special so far - you probably have at least 10 USB sticks lying around your house with similar capacity, and as you can see in the photo above, the WiDisk is about the size of a cell phone. That's because it also has a built in WiFi access point that allows up to four mobile devices, including laptops, iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones, to connect simultaneously and download its contents (WiDisk supports docs, photos, video and mp3s.). This effectively gives the owner a personal cloud they can open whenever it suits them.

A representative told us that when WiDisk becomes available ("Soon after Chinese New Year,") it's probably going to cost around $100. That puts it in the same price range as Maxell's AirStash. The problem here is that WiDisk only gets four hours of battery life compared to AirStash's seven, and AirStash starts at 32 GB of storage with the option to upgrade to 2TB. Additionally, WiDisk is limited to only four devices at a time, while AirStash accepts up to eight. That price may change, however, as Flastar still hasn't updated their English language site to include WiDisk yet. Assuming the price doesn't drive consumers away, whether or not it sells may just come down to an aesthetic choice - WiDisk is somewhat elegant looking.