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Feedair Device Keeps You Connected With Notifications

The Feedair Digital Desktop Ticker unveiled at CES is a nifty little gadget designed to keep you connected with all of your social networks and feeds. It's basically like having a physical version of one of the many widgets found in your smartphone. Feedair connects wirelessly and provides you with updates from your news, weather, email, Twitter and just about anything that can output an RSS feed. Check out the video below from the company's CEO David Avita as he explains how the device works.

Feedair is working with developers to create more and more vidgets for the device. These visual widgets offer a great way to stay updated in the home or the office. The device can be connected via USB and controlled with either of its iOS or Android apps. Although its small, old school dot matrix display isn't going to keep you as informed as your smartphone, it could be nice to have one around the house.

The device is expected to ship sometime in March and will cost roughly $50. For more information on the device and to see some of the available vidgets, head on over to Feedair's webpage here.