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Facebook Could Possibly Buy Top Chat App WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the creator of the hugely popular cross-platform mobile chat application, has apparently been locked in talks with Facebook regarding a potential acquisition. TechCrunch sources revealed the potential purchase but didn't get any information about a price or how advanced the talks may be.

Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has proved to be popular among BlackBerry, Android and iOS users due to its depth. It delivers text messages, images, audio and video messages, as well as a group chat option. The application, which doesn't feature any advertisements, boasts around 100 million daily users, with the app itself having a presence in 250 countries. It's currently free on Android and requires a small fee for iOS users. It's remained on the top-selling/downloaded app position in a majority of regions for months.

WhatsApp sees users collectively send 10 billion messages per day, which equals 300 billion messages per month. The latter figure is what iOS' iMessage managed to accumulate over a whole year.

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