Eos: Wireless Audio On the Cheap

A recurring dream of my wife’s is to have a whole house music system, so she can listen to the same song playing in more than one room concurrently. Until recently, satisfying this dream has meant we would have to spend a lot of dough for a system that processes music streamed over WiFi from a PC (at least $1,000 on a system like Sonos, or $600 for two sync-able Logitech Squeezebox units—and these don’t include speakers. The alternative would be me spending a lot of time with a drill, running wires around to various rooms.

Neither of these scenarios was very appealing: in one case, financially, and in the other, because I am not a very handy husband. Making matters worse is that many whole house audio solutions have controls reminiscent of those of a nuclear reactor, making them unfriendly to non-techie spouses.

But there is another solution on the market, a new product from IntelliTouch called Eos Wireless—it allows you to distribute audio to as many as five different rooms of your house. There are a few caveats, but we’ll get to those in a moment. The Eos system is relatively affordable for the quality that is delivered: $250 for two rooms, including speakers. Plus, it is dirt simple to set up and use, especially with an iPod as its main music source.

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    You seem to have missed the easiest & most cost-effective solution - Apple Airport. Stream to up to 5 airports at once from iTunes, good audio & much cheaper than your listed solutions.