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Never Miss A Call with a Bluetooth Bracelet

Now here's a nifty device that won't cost an arm and a leg: Thanko's Bluetooth bracelet. The device was developed for cell phone users who can't keep up with their mobile device, whether it's fallen into the backseat while driving, or buried deep within the cluttered bowels of a purse.

Thanko's bracelet comes in two flavors: with or without an LDC display. In either case, the bracelet will vibrate whenever you receive a call, however the LCD version also displays the caller's information. Additionally, the bracelet serves as a vibrant reminder, buzzing the wearer's arm when they move more than 33 feet away from the Bluetooth-connected mobile phone.

Honestly, Thanko's device needs to include a speaker and a microphone input/output feature so that it can turn the connected cell phone into a hands-free device. But as it stands, the Bluetooth bracelet has its uses, and is relatively cheap: just under $45 USD for the non-LCD version, and somewhere around $61 USD for the LCD version.

The bracelet is sold locally in Japan, however you can order both versions online from GeekStuff4U right here.