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Xbox One is Finally Getting 2016's Biggest Puzzle Game

One of the best puzzle games to come out in the last five years is finally headed to the Xbox One, now that developer Jonathan Blow has announced a port for his indie hit The Witness.

According to IGN, Blow and the team at Thekla games is targeting a Sept. 13 release for the Xbox One version of The Witness. It's expected to retail for the same $40 that it costs on PC and PS4. IGN also mentioned that Thekla is working an iOS version of the game, although due to the limitations of mobile hardware, the iOS version will have less detailed graphics than its console and PC counterparts.

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After brisk sales during its initial release on PC and PS4, The Witness’ Xbox One port should give Blow another boost in revenue. That's good news seeing as Blow invested all the money he made on his previous game, Braid, into the development of The Witness.

Blow said that the Xbox One version of The Witness should play almost identically to the PC and PS4, and will not feature any additional content exclusive to the Xbox One port because “that would kind of… mess up the game.”

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