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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 features a big, beautiful 5.7-inch screen that practically begs for protection from the smartphone-unfriendly world. With your phone’s safety — and sometimes style — in mind, consider our top choices for cases of all kinds for the Note 5.

Revolution by Poetic

The Revolution by Poetic is ready for adventure, thanks to its a built-in carabiner loop on the top, anti-dust/lint flaps on the bottom, and a water-resistant screen protector. With rubberized sides and reinforced corners to protect against drops, the Revolution will keep your Note 5 safe and sound on your next rock climbing expedition. And in case you’re looking to watch Netflix on top of a mountain, Poetic’s case rocks a kickstand for both horizontal and vertical viewing.

CandyShell Inked by Speck

CandyShell Inked by SpeckView Deal

This plastic shell promises military-grade protection from 4-foot drops plus additional safeguards against cracks and scrapes, such as the raised bezel. Speck presents two fauna-themed choices for the ink: Pixel Rose and Moody Bloom, which sound a bit too close to Axl Rose and Judy Blume.

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Commuter by Otterbox

Commuter by OtterboxView Deal

Otterbox’s Commuter uses two layers of protection that work together to keep your phone super safe. It features a self-adhering screen protector Otterbox swears won't affect your screen sensitivity. And if that’s not enough, the case keeps dust, dirt, lint and grime out of your USB port and headphone jack via onboard port protectors.

Express Folio by PureGear

Express Folio by PureGearView Deal

PureGear’s Express Folio case is all about versatility. Not only does it hold three cards and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the magnetic flap that holds the case closed can be used as a kickstand. PureGear offers a choice between faux leather and a denim-like canvas material.

High Pro Shield by Verus

High Pro Shield by VerusView Deal

The High Pro Shield packs three air pockets in each corner to protect your phone in case the unthinkable (you dropping your phone) happens. You have five options for accent colors, including champagne gold, red, blue and two shades of silver, but every version sports the supremely cool, brushed metal look.

Fusion by Ringke

Fusion by RingkeView Deal

This case’s official color is “Crystal Clear” and it shows off the Note 5’s design perfectly. Ringke’s Fusion case also features built-in port covers to protect the important parts of your phone from dust, while still giving you easy access to your device.

Rugged Armor by Spigen

Rugged Armor by SpigenView Deal

Rugged Armor's no nonsense, black exterior is all business. Spigen took care to make the thinnest case possible while still guaranteeing your smartphone camera will be safe with a carbon fiber bezel that's just thick enough to protect your lens from rough surfaces.


Tauri’s case does it all. The synthetic leather wallet case has three pockets for your cards and cash, and it’ll prop up your device to watch YouTube or video chat. Tauri also promises the magnetic clasp that holds everything shut when you’re not using it will never wear out, which means at $9.99 you get a case that lasts for an absolute steal.

Feather by Incipio

Feather by IncipioView Deal

Snap this Incipio case onto the back of your Note 5 and be on your way, without adding any bulk. The Feather comes in some beautiful colors, including black, blue, gray and pink.

Krios Series Gel by Trident

Krios Series Gel by TridentView Deal

A minimalist new design from Trident, this clear, plastic case is a no-frills sort of deal. Barely weighing more than an ounce, it easily slides out of your pocket, but won’t skid across your table and onto the floor.