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Samsung Galaxy S21 release date leak reveals early launch for iPhone 12 rival

Samsung Galaxy S21
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Judging from everything we’ve heard up till now, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is going to launch earlier than normal, likely in an effort to steal the iPhone 12's thunder.

And the latest leak gives us a much clearer picture of when the phone is going to launch. And that means we should have the Galaxy S21 in our hands before January is over.

The news comes from a strange source, since analyst Jon Prosser is usually best known for his Apple predictions. But this time he’s got Samsung news to share, and that’s how we know when the Galaxy S21 could be coming.

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The Galaxy S20 was originally announced on February 11, 2020, which was slightly earlier than the year before, and was released on March 6. This time Samsung has supposedly pushed up the release date forward by almost a month, and is tipped to be releasing the phone five weeks earlier than last year. 

The tweet also noted what colors the Galaxy S21 will come in, which doesn't seem too dissimilar from the S10 range. Unfortunately, it’s not keeping the same vivid color scheme of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but there seems to be plenty of variety. Options include black, white, grey, silver, violet and pink.

That said, it’s still not clear which models will be available in these colors, and we shouldn’t rightly expect the entire Galaxy S21 range to be available in all six shades.

We’ve been hearing that Samsung has been gunning for an early release for a while, and we've also seen news that the company has already begun part production on the S21 Ultra, a month and a half earlier than usual.

While early reports claimed the the Galaxy S21 could launch as soon as December, everything we’ve heard since then tells us that Samsung is moving up the traditional February launch window up to January. And now we know exactly when, providing Prosser's leak proves to be correct.

Upstage Apple, hammer Huawei

As to why Samsung is going for January, we’ve heard different reasonings. The first was that Samsung is hoping to fill the gap left by Huawei, which is unable to offer Google Play support thanks to sanctions from the U.S. government. However, we’ve also heard Samsung has moved its launch up because of the late launch of the iPhone 12

The idea is to try and upstage Apple by releasing a new flagship just a few months after Cupertino, though whether that will work remains to be seen.

So far we’ve also heard a few pieces about the standard Galaxy S21 and the S21 Ultra, but nothing about a possible S21 Plus at the moment. We've also heard about a new pair of Galaxy Buds, called "Buds Beyond," but nothing else is known about them at the moment.

According to rumors and leaks, the Galaxy S21 is set to come with a 6.3-inch full screen display, with 2.5D glass and three rear camera lenses. We know a little more about Galaxy S21 Ultra, with leaks telling us it’ll have a 6.8-inch display, a 5,000 mAh battery, a 40MP front camera, and five rear cameras with a 108MP main lens and two telephoto lenses (3x and 10x). Everything we’ve seen also suggests the Ultra will have the more defined 'Edge' display curves, rather than the more subtle bends of the 2.5D glass.

No doubt we’ll be hearing more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more on the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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