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iPhone Black Friday deal: Walmart just dropped iPhone XR to $399

iPhone XR Black Friday deal
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We're seeing some of the best Black Friday deals pop up well ahead of the big shopping holiday, including incredibly rare discounts on some of Apple's most popular phones.

Right now, you can nab the iPhone XR on sale for $399 at Walmart.  While the iPhone XR is getting a little long in the tooth, it normally costs $499 to $549, so this deal will save you a cool $100. 


iPhone XR: was $499 now $399 @ Walmart
The iPhone XR is now two years old, but it’s still an impressive smartphone. It delivers some of the iPhone X's best features in an affordable package, from Face ID to a rear camera that delivers strong photography performance.

In our iPhone XR review, we praised the phone for its excellent performance, long battery life, strong LCD display, and great value. And the latter point was when it was at its full price of $599. 

While it’s now two years old and has been succeeded by the iPhone 12, the iPhone XR is still an impressive phone for $399. Its A12 Bionic chip is still as fast a chip as most people will ever need. And its front and rear cameras still deliver impressive smartphone shots, even though they aren’t class-leading. 

With this in mind, the iPhone XR is now a viable alternative to the $399 iPhone SE 2020, which is smaller and lacks features like Face ID. In many ways, you could view the iPhone XR as an entry-level iPhone for people who want a decent-sized screen in a more modern design. 

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