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iPad 'How to' mega guide: iPad Pro and iPadOS Tutorial

Slide-over mode for iPad helps when two apps aren't enough

The iPad's multitasking capabilities have grown over the years, and they're not just limited to split-screen mode. Slide-over apps give you the ability to have a third app open at the same time.

iPad Pro and iPadOS Tutorial

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Even better, iPadOS enhances slide-over apps, allowing you to have not just one slide-over, so they can be more like a stack. Once you master slide-over apps, you'll be more efficient at performing quick actions and getting back to the work you're doing in the app(s) you're giving more screen space.

Personally, I most-often use Music, Messages, Things and Slack as slide-over apps, as those aren't apps I try and spend a ton of time in. Here's how to master slide-over app multitasking on an iPad.

Those who own an external keyboard have another option for slide-over apps, which I note in step 3. I didn't think of it for a while when I first used the iPad, and while it hasn't always worked, it's currently functional in iPadOS 13.3.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the dock. 

2. Drag in an app, and drop it mid screen.

iPad How to tips

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The below steps refer to small bars, they're highlighted in the following screenshot.

iPad How to tips

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3. If you've got an external keyboard, hit Command+Space, type in an app you want to use in slide-over mode, and drag it down onto your screen.

4. Next time you do this, you can swipe in from the right side of the screen, to open previous slide-over apps.

5. Drag up on the black bar at the bottom of a slide-over app to get other slide-over apps. Yes, that's just like how it works on an X-model iPhone.

iPad How to tips

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6. Swiping left and right on that black bar allows you to jump between apps, Again, the iPad is mimicking iPhones.

iPad How to tips

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7. Swipe the top bar to move or dismiss slide-over apps (by sliding the window off-screen).

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