iPad 'How to' mega guide: iPad Pro and iPadOS Tutorial

Here’s how to use the iPad's split screen mode, called Split View

The iPad's split-screen mode (called Split View) is one of its top advantages over the iPhone. Yes, at least for the time being, Apple's only letting you see two apps at once on its tablets. This is especially valuable for those who bought the 12.9-inch iPad, as all of that screen space can be more efficiently used with two apps open at once. 

iPad Pro and iPadOS Tutorial

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First off, make sure your iPad's dock is pre-loaded with all of your favorite apps, as split-screen mode relies on having your favorites nearby. Just hold down on an app on the home screen, and tap Edit Home Screen, to get those app icons jiggling so you can drag them to the dock. 

There's a secondary way to split your screen, but it relies upon using an external keyboard. We'll explain that trick below, in step 5.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the dock.

2. Drag an app out of the dock and over to the left or right side of the screen. The apps you have open will move to show you've reached the far side of the screen. 

iPad how to

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3. Drag the dividing bar left or right to change the balance of the apps.

4. Move the dividing bar all the way to one side of the screen to close the app you're moving past.

5. Trying to use an app that isn't in your dock? Hit Command + Space, search for an app, and then repeat steps 2-6.

iPad how to

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Look at you, multitasking like a pro!

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