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The best dog bed in 2021: dog mattresses compared

best dog bed mattress
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Looking for the best dog bed can take time. There are many dog mattresses to choose between, and no one size fits all. But if you want to save your sofa, it's a good idea to give your dog somewhere to sleep - plus, the older your dog is, the more important it is they have the right bed to soothe their bodies. This guide will help you choose the best dog bed for your pooch.

Just like choosing the best mattress for yourself, you need to consider your pet's age, weight, and sleeping preferences. You may have an energetic dog that you're looking to treat with a comfortable, snuggly bed for curling up in after long, busy days. Perhaps you have an older dog that suffers from joint pains and would benefit from an orthopaedic dog mattress.

This guide takes a look at the best dog beds and mattresses to suit a range of pet sizes, ages and characteristics. We've also covered a variety of price points - from budget to luxury - so there's a dog mattress here for every dog.

The best dog bed you can buy

Best dog bed mattress: Casper Dog Bed

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1. Casper Dog Bed

Best dog bed overall for man's best friend

Material: Memory foam | Sizes: 3 | Trial length: None | Warranty: 1-year limited | Best for: All dogs | RRP: $125 - $225

Memory foam build
Removable cover
Choice of colors and sizes
No trial available

Not content having engineered one of the best memory foam mattresses for humans, the US-based Casper design team placed their focus on giving the most supreme sleeping experience to your dog, too. The result is the Casper Dog Bed - and it's brilliant.

The specs list reads like something you'd expect to read in a human bed shop. Casper's dog mattress is built with a two-layer foam construction, combining Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Polyurethane Support Foam to offer comfort and durability for your four-legged friend. Yep, memory foam isn't exclusive to humans any longer. Casper says that the "supportive foam bolsters of the bed also create a safe space for dogs to lay their heads - literally and figuratively."

You won't need us to tell you that your attractive new Casper dog bed (they come in your choice of blue, grey or sand) won't be clean for long, so the removable cover for washing is a welcome feature here. That cover's been made to be durable, too - just like the dog mattress itself. And with three sizes to choose from - catering for canines up to 30lb, 60lb or 90lb - you should be able to find the perfect option for your pooch.

Best dog bed mattress: Best Friends by Sheri Shag Fur Donut Cuddler

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2. Best Friends by Sheri Shag Fur Donut Cuddler

Support and luxury comfort at a purse-pleasing price

Material: Faux fur | Sizes: 5 | Trial length: None | Warranty: None | Best for: All dogs | RRP: $34.95 - $129.95

Luxurious appearance
Claims to be water and dirt-resistant
Combines looks and comfort
No trial or warranty given

'Donut Cuddler' may at first seem like rather a strange name for a dog bed, but it all makes sense when you get your first glimpse of the luxury shag fur sleeper from Best Friends by Sheri. Of all the dog mattresses in our guide, this one stands out as being a luxurious area that your dog (and maybe even you) will want to curl up and doze in.

It's not just about looks. The manufacturer says that the round shape and raised rim make for a more comfortable slumber for your pet, giving plenty of support to the head and neck. It's also kitted out with AirLoft Fibers that should offer joint and muscle pain relief.

The fur is fake, in case you were concerned. In fact, it's vegan. Meanwhile, the bottom section benefits from being water and dirt resistant, so any night time accidents won't harm your carpet. In terms of cleaning, this is another dog mattress that's safe to machine wash and dry on a gentle cycle.

It has the comfort, it has looks - the one thing that this entry in our list is lacking is a warranty. We've scoured the manufacturer's website and can't see any mention. And there's no free trial for this dog bed, either.

Best dog bed mattress: Purple

(Image credit: Purple)

3. Purple Pet Bed

A popular dog bed with a free 100-day trial

Material: Foam | Sizes: 3 | Trial length: 100 days | Best for: All dogs | Warranty: 1-year | RRP: $149 - $269

Free 100 day trial
High-tech mattress
No color choice

Popular mattress maker Purple has created a pet bed that has excellent credentials for a variety of furry friends: dogs, cats and so on. The mattress provides orthopaedic support for tired limbs, and is engineered to ease pressure and adapt to the shape of your pet.

It comprises Purple’s ‘grid system’ made from hyper-elastic polymer, sandwiched between layers of medium-high density foams. The grid system is both hypoallergenic, non-toxic and, to top it all, vegan. This dog bed also comes in three sizes to accommodate different breeds - the largest one can even hold your pet’s ‘sleepover guest’.

Importantly, the outer cover is anti-microbial and moisture resistant, killing the bacteria that many pets harbor - leaving the bed and your home smelling fresh. The cover is also ultra tough, and up to the challenge of coping with all the rough and tumble that a pooch might bring to it. If there are any accidents, the cover is easily removed and washed in the machine.

Purple is so sure this is one of the best dog beds you can buy, the company offers a 100-night trial: if your pet doesn't love it, you can return it. A quick check of the T&Cs shows that you must allow at least 21 days to enable your dog to adjust to the new bed, and that the mattress should be clean and undamaged to qualify for the refund.

Best dog bed mattress: Furhaven Sofa Bed Comfy Couch

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4. Furhaven Sofa Bed Comfy Couch

Eco-friendly dog bed in a choice of colors and sizes

Material: Various | Sizes: 5 | Trial length: None | Warranty: 90-day | Best for: All dogs | RRP: $22.99 - $136.99

Lots of choice
Greener choice
Short warranty period
Patterned finish won't suit all homes

This pet bed from Furhaven has a lot of options to enjoy. First of all, it doubles up as a comfy dog or cat snuggle spot. It comes in the ‘couch’ style, enabling full neck, hip and back support for your dog when it's resting.

The first option you’ll want to consider is the mattress type. There are four choices here from the cheapest fibre fill, through orthopaedic and memory foam, to cooling gel foam at the highest price point. This reduces the surface temperature of the mattress by 1-2 degrees, allowing your dog to dream in cool comfort. The cherry on top is a faux fur cover for ultimate luxury.

This dog bed’s bolsters are 100 per cent recycled. The so-called CERTI-PUR foam is also made without harmful chemicals and heavy metals, making it a really safe space for your pet. And to reduce its carbon footprint, the company ships the item to you in a compressed format – but don’t worry, the foam has been especially designed for smooth recovery from compression.

You’ll need to be into jazzy patterns to buy this dog bed for your Bruno – it's available in three colors, but each sports a rather bold diamond pattern. Nevertheless, if you're looking for mid-range option, we think this is one of the best dog beds you can buy.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

(Image credit: Big Barker)

5. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

The best orthopaedic dog bed - and a top choice for bigger dogs

Material: Foam | Sizes: 3 | Trial length: 365 days | Best for: Bigger dogs | Warranty: 10-year | RRP: $199.95 - $399.95

Designed with big dogs in mind
Try it for a whole year
Orthopaedic design improves mobility
Not as attractive as some

Big Barker started life with one specific purpose: to give the company founder's pet Hank - a 92lb half Lab, half Basenji with a dodgy hip - somewhere much more comfortable to sleep. What started as a passion project soon turned into an obsession, and then a flourishing dog bed business specialising in orthopaedic dog mattresses for humungous hounds.

It's one thing for companies to claim that their dog mattress designs are orthopaedic, but it's another to have scientific papers proving it as fact. The University of Pennsylvania carried out a study to show that the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed really does reduce joint pain and stiffness, and improve joint function and night-time restfulness.

That's thanks to its triple-layer OrthoMedic Foam, which comfortably wraps around your dog's bones and joints, and prevents them from suffering an uncomfortable night's sleep. You also get to choose whether or not to include a headrest.

It may not be one of the most beautiful dog beds on the block, but if you're looking for an orthopedic dog bed, this is easily one of the best mattresses for dogs you can buy. Plus, the free trial makes it easy to test. Your pet can try the Big Barker for a full 365 days, and you can return the (undamaged, unsoiled) mattress if you're not 100% satisfied - even if it "comes back with some hair or drool marks". 

Best dog bed mattress: Pet Fusion Ultimate Pet Bed

(Image credit: PetFusion)

6. PetFusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed

Luxury dog bed with strong eco-credentials

Material: Memory foam | Sizes: 4 | Trial length: None | Warranty: 1-year | Best for: All dogs | RRP: $69.95 - $239.95

Recycled filling
Non-slip base
Pricey – especially for big dogs

The PetFusion Ultimate is a traditionally shaped dog bed with a ‘couch’ look comprising bolsters on three sides. The bolsters themselves are generously filled with a recycled poly filling, making this luxury pet bed a greener choice. The base is made with memory foam, enabling targeted support for dogs of all ages and stages of health.

Owners of rambunctious dogs will be pleased to hear that this pet bed has a non-slip base, as well as a water and - even better - tear resistant cover. The cover is 35 per cent cotton, which stands out from other dog mattresses that are mostly exclusively polyester, and is easily washed in the machine. It comes in three subtle shades: a soft grey, sandstone and chocolate brown.

Shipping is free and returns look straightforward with PetFusion. You’ll only pay postage if it’s a preference return, and there are no restocking fees to worry about.

The dog beds come in four sizes, so you’ll be able to find one to accommodate your dog as it stretches out after a hard day – but you will have to spend well over $200 if you’ve got a huge pooch. From an eco-friendly perspective, the PetFusion Ultimate is one of the best dog beds you can buy, and it leads on comfort and support too. 

Sealy Lux Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

(Image credit: Sealy)

7. Sealy Lux Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Orthopaedic comfort available in four colors

Material: Memory foam | Sizes: 4 | Trial length: None | Best for: All dogs | Warranty: 1-year | RRP: $99.99 - $199.99

Cooling comfort
Non-toxic manufacturing
Choice of color
Limited information on website

Sealy is another company that's well known in the mattress world. It makes a range of dog beds, but we're taking a look at the Lux in this instance. This dog bed is all about comfort, and is designed to deliver a good night’s sleep for dogs of all ages and abilities. 

The orthopaedic element provides support for pets with arthritis or bone problems. Sealy’s ‘Certipur Foam’ is made without mercury or heavy metals, allowing your dog to doze in a completely non-toxic environment. There are four sizes to accommodate diverse dog dimensions, and there are also four different shades that you can match to your home’s color palette. 

All Sealy dog beds come with a one-year limited warranty, but your pet isn't able to sleep trial these beds. You can of course return your item within 30 days if you're unhappy with it, but it must be in its original, resalable condition. Be warned that if it’s a ‘preference return’ the customer pays postage and will be liable for a 15 per cent restocking fee, too.

Sealy says that the bed comprises both cooling energy gel, as well as an absorbent pro-charcoal base that takes in any nasty odors. Your dog should be as fresh as a daisy when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

best dog bed: MidWest Homes for Pets QuietTime Deluxe Pet Bed

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8. MidWest Homes for Pets QuietTime Deluxe Pet Bed

The best cheap dog bed for pet owners on a budget

Material: Ultra-soft synthetic | Sizes: 7 | Trial length: None | Warranty: 1 year | Best for: Bargain hunters | RRP: $8.49 - $35.99

Great prices
Cosy finish
Some complaints about durability

If you're looking for the best cheap dog bed, the Deluxe Pet Bed from MidWest Homes for Pets is worth considering. You can get a snuggly snoozing spot for your pooch from around $10. Don't expect any impressive claims about orthopaedic dog bed designs or odor-free technology. This simple dog mattress from the popular pet supplier is just about providing cosiness for your canine.

But that simplicity has its benefits, too. Rectangular in shape and quite a lot thinner than other mattresses, it fits rather nicely in most carrying crates. And, let's face it, you're going to be much less concerned about filthy footprints being walked all over it at this price point (that said, it's completely machine washable and dryer friendly, too).

You won't be surprised to hear that some owners of this dog mattress have been displeased by how quickly the bed begins to look dishevelled. But this remains an excellent choice for anyone after a low-budget dog bed.

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