How to use AirPods Pro: Getting the most out of Apple’s wireless earbuds

Pair your new AirPods Pro to your Apple Watch for easier on-the-go music streaming

Your AirPods Pro pair to both your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously when you pair them to your phone. Here’s how to make sure you can stream audio from your watch to your AirPods:

AirPods Pro

(Image credit: Future)
  1. First, make sure your Apple Watch is updated to watchOS 6.1.
  2. Put your AirPods in your ears.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch’s face to bring up the Control Center.
  4. Tap the AirPlay symbol and select AirPods Pro from the list of available audio sources.

That’s it! Your tunes should play from the watch instantly.

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