The Amazfit Helio Ring launches May 15 for only $299 to take on Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Amazfit Helio smart ring
(Image credit: Amazfit)

Smartwatches and other wrist-based fitness trackers currently have the market locked down, but that could change as devices like the Oura Ring and Samsung Galaxy Ring gain popularity. Amazfit is also looking to take some of the smart ring market, as the company has revealed in a press release that the official launch date for its Amazfit Helio Ring is May 15. 

The new fitness ring from Amazfit is competitively priced at $299. While Samsung hasn't announced a final price for its Galaxy Ring, we'd expect it to be in a similar price range, as the Oura Ring also starts at $299. If Samsung were to come in too much higher, it could price itself out of the market, especially with its ring launching last.

The ring is lightweight, weighing less than 4g, and made of titanium alloy, which should be durable enough to withstand daily life. Of course, we'll need to test it ourselves to see how comfortable, light and durable it is, but it sounds good so far.

What can the Amazfit Helio Ring do?

Amazfit's ring is primarily focused on tracking sleep and recovery. It gives you a sleep score, which is nice for knowing how well you're actually sleeping. It also provides your full recovery time, blood oxygen, sleep heart rate variability and sleep resting heart rate. 

Another nice bonus is the 10ATM water resistance, which means you don't have to worry about it getting damaged during workouts and sports. 

Overall, the Amazfit Ring seems to have a nice set of features, and by beating the Samsung Galaxy Ring to the market, Amazfit could be in a good position to make some waves. Of course, that's assuming ring-based trackers catch on in the same way those worn on the wrist have. While the Oura Ring has gained some traction, it doesn't seem to be as successful as the Apple Watch, Fitbit and other such devices.

Amazfit will also offer the ring as a bundle with the Amazfit Cheetah Pro or Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, though it can be purchased separately. The company says it works best with one of its smartwatches because the two devices seamlessly share information.

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