I bought this MagSafe accessory during Amazon's Big Spring Sale to turn my iPhone into a dash cam — and it's under $7

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I love a good deal when the thing I’m buying could have a practical purpose in my everyday routine. With the Amazon Big Spring Sale going on right now, I could not pass up on a dirt cheap MagSafe accessory that caught my eyes as I was looking through the stuff on sale in the under $10 price category.

The Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount is discounted down to $6.99 when you use promo code 30AJTT1L at checkout. Given that it’s already cheap at its normal price of $9.99, the $2 off savings equates to a 20% savings. I know, it’s not as generous as other stuff I’ve shared on social, but it’s hard for me to overlook at under $7.

Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount: was $10 now $7 @ Amazon
Price check: $29 @ Lisen

Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount: was $10 now $7 @ Amazon
Looking to fasten your iPhone more securely while driving? The Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount connects to your MagSafe compatible iPhone, which makes it perfect for getting turn-by-turn directions while driving or using it as a dash cam. Use coupon "30AJTT1L" at checkout to get this price.
Price check: 
$29 @ Lisen

One of the reasons why I bought the Lisen Magnetic Phone Mount is because I need something more eye level while I’m driving my car and getting turn-by-turn navigation instructions from my phone. Since it features a magnetic connection, one that basically lets me snap my MagSafe compatible iPhone into place, it makes removing and connecting my iPhone a breeze over other vent clips and mounts I’ve used.

While it could be fastened directly onto my windshield, it could also be attached anywhere on my car’s dashboard because of the 3M adhesive it’s using. That’s because it can be rotated and tilted in such a way, so it won’t be an issue if I place it either on my left or right. And you know what? It can also work with Android phones as well, assuming that you have one of those MagSafe compatible cases on it.

What I’m looking forward to as well is the option to use my smartphone as a dash cam while I’m driving — so it has multiple purposes, which I absolutely love. The only thing I’m worried about is how reliable the adhesive material is. I’ve owned other MagSafe accessories that attach to my car’s dashboard with a similar adhesive, often finding them less reliable in the summer when the sweltering heat cooks up the inside, which causes the adhesive to fail. Hopefully it holds up.

Regardless, it’s still cheaper than ordering a beer at a bar nowadays. So I’m willing to take the risk.

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