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Who are you, Charlie Brown is going to make me cry, isn't it?

Who are you, Charlie Brown? is coming to Apple TV Plus
(Image credit: Apple)

I have a feeling that I might tear up once or twice while watching Who Are You, Charlie Brown?

This new Peanuts documentary, launching June 25 on Apple TV Plus, will take a look at the enduring legacy of the Peanuts and its creator, Charles Schulz. Announced today (June 4) with a trailer, the documentary is narrated by Lupita Nyong'o and features interviews with Jean Schulz (Charles Schulz' widow), Drew Barrymore, Billie Jean King, Al Roker, Ira Glass, Kevin Smith, Paul Feig, and others. 

The roughly 2-minute trailer for Who Are You, Charlie Brown? also contains clips from older interviews with Schulz, who passed away 21 years ago. Based on what's in the trailer, the documentary looks to explore the impact that Peanuts had on society, from having girls playing sports, to addressing racism with the introduction of Franklin, a Black character, in 1968. 

The larger themes of Peanuts — also part of its legacy — will also be examined, such as Charlie Brown's relentless faith that things will turn his way, no matter how many times Lucy swipes the football away. 

"Keep on trying, Charlie Brown," says Schulz in the trailer. "And if anyone should give up, he should." 

I have a real soft spot in my heart for the Peanuts, and couldn't help but get more than a little excited when I heard the familiar strains of Linus & Lucy playing in the background.

So, as sure as the Great Pumpkin rises every Halloween, you can be sure that I'll be watching Who Are You, Charlie Brown? when it comes out on June 25. And I might just get a bit misty-eyed, too.

Mike Prospero

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