The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 looks stunning in these new images

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

According to Ben Geskin — who creates mockups of unreleased phones based on alleged leaks — this is what the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will look like, complete with the new S-Pen. He says he has based the design on leaks and there are lots of interesting things here, both in the purported design and the Galaxy Fold 2 specs.

According to the designer, the new Galaxy Fold 2 looks like the top Samsung flagship, at least according to the specs. It will probably have an insane price.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: upgraded specs, cleaner design

To start with, the screens on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have been greatly upgraded from the original Fold. On the inside, we are seeing a significant size jump: from 7.3 to 7.7 inches. But, most importantly, the foldable AMOLED QXGA+ panel will have a 120Hz refresh rate to match the Samsung Galaxy S20 and, presumably, the Galaxy Note 20.

The external display will see a giant leap, going from 4.6 inches to a full 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED panel. If true, Samsung has decided to truly commit to the idea of having a full functional smartphone on the front cover while offering a larger display inside for work.

Going in this direction, at least according to Geskin, the front of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will hold the selfie camera on a tear-drop notch while the internal tablet screen will lose its giant notch in favor of a punch hole on its top right corner, leaving it almost completely clean. 

That means that you will be able to use the front screen for quick video conferencing and selfies without having to go through the motions of opening the device, leaving the internal selfie camera for longer, more involved video chats. Both selfie cameras allegedly have the same 10MP sensor.

Large 6.4-inch panel with teardrop selfie.

Large 6.4-inch panel with teardrop selfie. (Image credit: Ben Geskin)

On the back we can see a large camera package that looks as large as the one in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. According to the supposed leaks provided by Geskin, it will house a 12MP sensor with wide lens, a 12MP with ultra wide, and a 64MP with telephoto lenses — probably 3X like the lesser S20s. This package will also have the ToF DepthVision Camera.

There is no more details about the guts of the Galaxy Fold 2 except that it will logically run on the Snapdragon 865 chipset and will have 5G connectivity.

Can the new S-Pen really happen?

There have also been rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will finally come with a new S-Pen. It makes completely sense that the Korean company adds a stylus to its 2-in-1 phablet, making it the folding equivalent of the Galaxy Note. Doing that will put the Galaxy Fold 2 at the top of Samsung’s “professional” phone pyramid.

However, knowing how sensitive these foldable screens are, it seems hard to believe that the S-Pen pictured by Geskin would be the ticket for this. That stylus will for your create dents on Samsung’s latest foldable displays, as shown in the stress tests for the Galaxy Z Flip. Any stylus will need a scratch- and dent-proof surface that current tech doesn’t seem to provide — with or without Samsung’s “Ultra-Thin Glass”.

So, unless Samsung has a new tech for either the display or the S-Pen that will avoid any screen damage, it seems reasonable to think that the stylus will not make it to the Galaxy Fold 2, no matter how much sense it makes from a functional point of view.

If rumors about a simultaneous Note-Fold release are true, we will have to wait till the summer to see if we will get all this technological goodness, pen included.

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