The Circle season 4 Netflix release date and time — how to watch online right now

Mel B and Emma Bunton on The Circle season 4
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Look who's entered The Circle season 4 — it's the Spice Girls! Or two of them, anyway. Netflix's social media-based reality TV show is welcoming Baby Spice Emma Bunton and Scary Spice Melanie "Mel B" Brown into the collective. Two dancing woman emojis, microphone emoji, heart emoji, send!

We're fist-pump-emoji excited for more of The Circle, which has been a huge hit for Netflix since it debuted in January 2020. The concept mashes up Big Brother and Catfish, with contestants living separately in the same building and only able to communicate by messaging each other through The Circle app. Some contestants choose to take on different identities in the hope of winning over the other players.

In fact, the Spice Girls are playing as a guy named "Jared." If they can fool the other contestants, the prize money will increase to $150,000. 

"We loved that idea that a celebrity or celebrities could have complete anonymity in The Circle and they could play along without anybody knowing that they were there," executive producer Toni Ireland told Entertainment Weekly.

"We were so lucky to get them because they're just absolute icons that transcend generations. They're worldwide superstars and they're so much fun, and that's what the show's all about. And they were totally up for the game."

Can Emma and Mel B pull it off? Shrug emoji! It'll be fireworks emoji to see what goes down. 

When does The Circle season 4 come out on Netflix?

The Circle season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.

The Circle is one of Netflix's batch release shows. The first four episodes dropped at 3 a.m. ET on May 4. They'll be followed by episodes 5 to 8 on May 11, episodes 9 to 12 arrive on May 18, and the finale on May 25.


Netflix is the OG of streaming services. The behemoth library offers original shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton and Squid Game, as well as original movies like The Adam Project. And don't forget licensed classics like Seinfeld. The Standard Plan is now $15.49.

The Circle season 4 trailer

The Circle season 4 trailer previews some of the catfishing shenanigans from the new contestants, but only teases the appearance of the Spice Girls. 

Later, Mel B and Emma appeared in a clip revealing their participation. They acknowledge they'll be teaming up as a catfish persona, but aren't aware who it is yet.

The Circle season 4 cast

The Circle season 4 cast video introduces nine contestants:

  • Alex Brizard, 28, from Arizona. playing as "Nathan," a frat bro.
  • Alyssa Ljubicich, 27, from New York. Playing as herself
  • Josh Brubaker, 24, from California. Playing as himself
  • John Franklin, 24, from New Jersey. Playing as his mother "Carol."
  • Crissa Jackson, 31, from Pennsylvania. Playing as herself.
  • Yu Ling Wu, 25, from California. Playing as herself.
  • Parker Abbott, 21, from Florida. Playing as her father "Paul."
  • Frank Grimsley, 28, from Maryland. Playing as himself.
  • Rachel Evans, 29, from Texas. Playing as herself.

And as we know, they'll be joined by Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and Melanie "Mel B" Brown (aka Scary Spice). 

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