Stimulus check: $4 billion more just went out — find your payment status

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More than 2.2 million Americans have received stimulus checks in the last six weeks, with payments totaling more than $4 billion, according to the IRS

Payments tied to stimulus check 3, provided by the Biden administration's American Rescue Plan, have been rolling out in waves since mid-March. Initially, most payments went to those who were eligible for some or all of the $1,400 maximum and for whom the IRS had information on file. 

But these latest batches have gone to individuals and families who only recently filed tax returns or who qualified for so-called "plus-up" payments based on their most recent filings. 

In the last six weeks, approximately 1.3 million people received their initial stimulus payments, while more than 900,000 taxpayers received plus-ups. 

So far, the federal government has distributed more than 171 million checks totaling $400 billion as part of the American Rescue Plan. The IRS continues to urge people who don't normally file tax returns but who may be eligible for stimulus check 3 to submit a return as soon as possible. 

If you haven't yet received your stimulus check or payment, the IRS has a web page dedicated to helping you find out where it is here, and we've got instructions on how to use that IRS "Get My Payment" page.

Child-tax-credit registration events

Filing a tax return may also help families qualify for the expanded child-tax credit, some of which is being paid out in advance. 

The first round of cash went out last week (July 15), and families have until Aug. 2 to add or update their direct-deposit information or opt out of the advance payments in favor of receiving a larger credit when filing their 2021 income tax returns. 

To help families file tax returns and get set up for the child-tax-credit payments, the IRS is hosting a handful of in-person events on July 23–24. 

These events will take place in Birmingham, Alabama; the Bronx, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Memphis, Tennessee; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; Newark, New Jersey; New Haven, Connecticut; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Paterson, New Jersey; Riverside, California; Seattle, Washington; and Tampa, Florida. 

More information about event locations and hours can be found on the IRS website. Attendees will need to bring the following information to complete paperwork: 

  • Children's Social Security numbers 
  • Social Security numbers or Tax Identification Numbers for each adult (taxpayer and spouse) 
  • A reliable mailing address
  • An email address
  • Bank account information for direct deposit (optional)
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