Stimulus check 2 coming soon with 'very generous' payments, says Trump

Stimulus check 2 coming soon with 'very generous' payments, says Trump
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The possibility of a Stimulus check 2 is looking certain after President Trump said in an interview on Monday that a "very generous" second round of stimulus payments could be coming soon.

Speaking with a Scripps correspondent, the president committed to a second stimulus check when asked whether people who have spent their first one and are still struggling can expect more financial aid. "We will be doing another stimulus package. It will be very good, it will be very generous," Trump said.

The president declined to comment on how much a second stimulus check would be worth, but said we could find out "over the next couple of weeks probably."

Responding to the president's remarks, a White House official told NBC News another round of direct stimulus payments is "part of something the economic team is studying." The official also said there have been "no decisions made yet."

In May the House passed the Heroes Act, a $3 trillion relief package that, in addition to support for frontline workers, includes a stimulus check 2 of up to $1,200 per person. Based on this stimulus check calculator, the House's new stimulus plan would provide the same amount to eligible taxpayers as April's Cares Act. 

The Senate is still deciding whether to approve the Heroes Act or draft an entirely new stimulus bill. At first, with states moving to reopen and an improved May unemployment report, stimulus check 2's fate seemed in doubt. But as COVID-19 cases counts are rising again across the country, the government could be convinced the pandemic's economic impact is an ongoing issue.

According to a WalletHub Survey, 84% of Americans want another stimulus check, even if they haven't received their first one yet.

That's right — stimulus check 2 could be mapped before everyone has gotten their first $1,200 stimulus check. Taxes are due July 15, and those who have filed or will file theirs closer to the deadline could face delays. Considering using the IRS's stimulus check app to track the status of your filing or calling the IRS stimulus check phone number for help with your payment. 

Already have your stimulus check, but not sure what do with it? Check out our guide to the best ways to spend your stimulus check.

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