Sling TV just added 16 new TV channels to its free streaming service — here’s what you can watch

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Sling TV is one of the best streaming services for cord-cutters and one of the best streamers when it comes to watching linear TV channels. Entry-level packages are competitively priced at $40 per month, but the streamer also offers Sling Freestream. As the name suggests this service offers instant access to a whole load of free TV and movies and live TV channels without the need for a paid subscription. 

Sling Freestream has already earned a spot on our roundup of the best free streaming services, thanks in large part to a sizeable library of classic shows, and now the platform is growing its offering even further. Cord Cutter News reports that Sling TV is adding an additional 16 free TV channels to its Freestream service. That takes the total number of live channels available on Freestream to over 220, which is an impressive number for a streaming service that doesn’t cost a penny. 

We’ve got the full list of what’s been added down below but some of the highlights include a pair of channels dedicated to everything True Crime and one that explores various unsolved mysteries. There’s even a channel that focuses on episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares which will be perfect for viewers who can’t get enough of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shouting at hopeless cooks and being disgusted by the food he's served up in failing restaurants! 

Don’t forget that actually accessing Sling Freestream is super simple as well. It’s available across a range of devices including Roku and Fire TV streaming sticks, LG and Samsung Smart TVs and even Xbox gaming consoles. So you likely have a supported device at home already, and if not, you can always access it via a PC desktop or mobile device. 

Every new free TV channel coming to Sling TV 

Here is the full list of new channels that are coming to on Sling TV via Freestream.

  • MagellanTV Now — Explore dramatic real-life stories with in-depth documentaries that explain how science and nature shape our lives, and look at the people who have changed history.   
  • True Crime Now — True Crime fanatics won’t be able to look away from this channel that offers hundreds of hours of thrilling documentaries delving into the dark side of human nature.  
  • Space Science Now — Another offering from documentary streamer MagellanTV, Space Science Now packs a robust collection of shows that unravel the wonders of space tackling everything from black holes to dark matter. 
  • History & Warfare Now — History & Warfare Now is a channel showcasing a variety of educational documentaries that cover warfare from both a modern and historical perspective. 
  • Wild Nature Now — Take a walk on the wild side with this TV channel that explores the natural Earth and how its ecosystems and creatures inhabiting it are deeply interconnected.   
  • Forensic Files — Experts meet to discuss real crimes, sort through the evidence and determine the facts from the fiction. This channel also includes programming related to pandemics and previously unexplained accidents. 
  • Unsolved Mysteries — Some of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries are tackled via reenactments and candied interviews from tales of lost loves to spooky paranormal occurrences. 
  • FilmRise True Crime — Enjoy a selection of classic true crime shows including the likes of Unsolved Mysteries and Forensic Files.
  • Hell’s Kitchen / Kitchen Nightmares — Culinary connoisseurs can dive into a melting pot of cutthroat kitchens and delicious drama in this channel dedicated to TV chef Gordon Ramsay.  
  • FilmRise Western — Enjoy a collection of Western movies and series such as The Rifleman and The Real McCoys. Expect to see stars like Tony Todd and Christopher Reeve. 
  • Heartland — Visit the Heartland ranch whenever you desire as Canada’s longest-running drama series takes center stage on this free TV channel. 
  • Miamivelas — Walk the streets of Miami and tour the city's many vibrant locations in this channel focused on South Florida’s most famous destination.  
  • ¿Que Pasa, USA? — A channel dedicated to the classic bilingual PBS sitcom that sees a Cuban family attempt to adjust to life in the United States. 
  • Una Familia Con Suerte — Enjoy a channel that spotlights this Mexican soap opera that ran for more than 260 episodes between 2011 and 2012. 

You can watch Sling TV pretty everywhere 

Sling TV, and its Freestream offering, are available on practically all of the best streaming devices from Roku to Chromecast. Plus, it has a dedicated app on Apple TV, Xbox consoles and select Smart TVs from LG and Samsung. If you don’t have access to any of those, you can watch from an iOS or Android device.  

Sling TV isn’t the only streaming service bolstering its selection of free channels right now either. In the last month, Pluto TV added 10 new free TV channels, and Roku’s channel list keeps growing as well with another 16 channels recently added. So you’ve got plenty of free options when it comes to picking something to watch.  

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