Second stimulus check calculator: See how much money you get

Stimulus check calculator: Find out how much money you get
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The second stimulus check calculator can help you find out how much money you’ll receive from the government's $900 billion relief deal.

Although the second stimulus check amount is $600, which is half of the first stimulus check, you might be wondering what your check will look like. Similar to the first check, there are certain requirements you must meet to receive the whole sum of the second one. As a taxpayer who earned less than $75,000 according to your 2018-2019 returns, you can assume your payment will be worth $600.

But if you earn somewhere between $75,000 and the maximum $99,000, or have dependents, you may not know how much money you actually qualify for.

That’s where the Omni Calculator can offer some clarity about your stimulus check. The online tool is designed to help you determine how much money you get, or should get, with your economic impact payment.

Knowing the worth of your second stimulus check could be useful as you plan your upcoming finances. It’s likewise useful to brush up on the best ways to spend your stimulus check if you don’t already have a plan for your money.

Keep in mind that the calculator can only provide an estimate of what you should get based on your basic circumstances. There could be unique variables that influence the final total of your payment. 

Here's how to use the second stimulus check calculator to find out how much of the $600 stimulus check you quality for.

Second stimulus check calculator: Find out how much money you get

Second stimulus check calculator

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You can find out how much money will appear on your stimulus check from the government with a free online calculator created by Jasmine J Mah. Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to

2. Review the qualification guidelines. You have to be a U.S. resident with a social security number, and you must have filed your taxes if you’re required to do so.

3. Fill out the short questionnaire. Enter whether you’ve filed your taxes, how you filed your taxes (single/joint), how many children you have and your adjusted gross income (AGI) for 2019.

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