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Save 22% on this brilliant Koios blender-food processor for Cyber Monday

koios oxa smart
(Image credit: Koios/Amazon)

What's the difference between a blender and food processor? Well, a blender is designed for liquids and will simply keep on chopping until you have something drinkable. A food processor, on the other hand, is for those labor-intensive kitchen jobs such as slicing vegetables. This brilliant hand-held Koios blender/food processor combo can do both.

Get it today-only for a sweet $33.59. That's 22% of the usual listing price on Amazon.

KOIOS Oxa Smart Immersion Hand Blender | Was $42.99 | Now $33.59 from Amazon

Save 20%: The Koios oxasmart blender has a 800-watt, 12 speed motor for fine blending and food processing results. The titanium-reinforced blade is corrosion resistant and it comes with a 600 ml beaker and 500 ml chopper bowl.View Deal

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