Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 price tipped by leaker — and we have bad news

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumors upgrades
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Foldables are not cheap, and judging from the latest rumor the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it may not be an exception to that rule. So your wish for a more affordable foldable may not come true this year.

That’s according to tipster @_snoopytech, who claims to have obtained prices from European retailers. And the prices are very similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

According to Snoopy’s information, the 256GB Galaxy Z Fold 3 would cost € 2,009 while the 512GB model would be €2,099. That converts to $2,390 and $2,490, respectively, though it’s worth mentioning that tech companies rarely convert their prices directly. 

Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 retailed for similar prices at launch, it may be that the Z Fold 3’s U.S. pricing may be very similar to last year as well.

Early rumors suggested that Samsung was working on making the 2021 foldable range cheaper and more accessible — with some suggestions that Galaxy Z Fold 3 prices could drop as much as 20%. However, more recent rumors put a damper on that by suggesting the Z Fold 3 won’t be getting a price cut.

However, the same may not be true of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, with rumors suggesting that the clamshell foldable may be slightly cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Something Snoopy’s information appears to corroborate.

According to Snoopy’s source, the 128GB Z Flip 3 would cost just €1,029 while the 256GB model would be €1,109. That translates to $1,220 and $1,320. Even with a direct conversion, those prices are significantly cheaper than the $1,449 it cost to buy the Galaxy Z Flip 5G at launch. 

We’d wager that the U.S. pricing might be closer to a €1:$1 conversion, which could mean the Z Flip 3 might cost even less.

However, in both instances we should warn you that these prices are totally unverified and there’s a very good chance that someone just made them up on the spot. Or that whichever retailer they came from only has placeholder information, and not the official numbers.

Whatever the case may be, we have to wait until Samsung Unpacked to find out what these phones are going to cost. The company has confirmed foldables will be on show at the event, which is due to take place August 11.

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