Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 may have just appeared in Samsung video

sasung galaxy z fold 3 leak
(Image credit: Samsung)

We know Samsung has a huge range of products that are said to be coming at its rumored Samsung Unpacked Event at August 11, and it may have just given us a sneaky tease at two of them.

Samsung just posted a new video speaking to the developers behind Good Lock, a new customization feature. It just so happens that one of those developers appears to have both a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Jump ahead to the 57-second mark to see for yourself. Outside of leaked renders this could be our first real look at the devices, and what Samsung has planned for the Unpacked event.

samsung galaxy z fold 3 leak

(Image credit: Samsung)

It seems from the images that these are not older models that just got caught in the mix. The Galaxy Fold on screen has an oblong-shaped cut-out for the camera; the original Fold had a rectangular camera array, and the Z Fold 2’s was much wider and more like the camera module on the Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy S Pen

(Image credit: Samsung)

The developer in question is also holding an S Pen in one shot, but on further examination it appears to be the yellow and blue S Pen that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It certainly isn't the same style of S Pen that is compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, at the vey least. So it’s not further evidence that stylus support will be coming to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, unfortunately.

samsung galaxy watch 4 leak

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy Watch is a lot harder to identify, since this design and color scheme has already been available on previous Galaxy Watch devices. However, its proximity to the unannounced Z Fold 3, and the fact it’s on the wrist of a Samsung One UI developer, suggests that it might be something new.

Or it may be wishful thinking. Unfortunately, such a small glimpse means we can’t really glean any extra details from this video. After all, the devices are not really the main focus here.

The only question is why Samsung allowed both devices to appear at all. The company has been accused of being more proactive in handling leaks that appear online, and it has been known to remove videos featuring unreleased products.

Then again, this could be one of those times where it was done ‘accidentally’ but also on purpose. Or someone at Samsung underestimated the internet, and peoples’ ability to recognize these products from even the shortest of glimpses.

Both devices are expected to arrive at the next Unpacked event, which is currently rumored to be happening on August 11, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Buds 2, and possible a Z Flip Lite.

So far rumor is that the Z Fold 3 will come with a 120Hz display, a 7.7-inch interior foldable screen, a 6.2-inch exterior display, a triple lens camera system, a hole punch camera on the exterior display, and potentially even an under-display camera inside the inner display. S Pen support has been rumored for some time as well.

As for the Galaxy Watch 4, it’s expected that Samsung will ramp up the health and fitness features. Rumored to be on the cards are body composition (and body fat percentage) reading and blood glucose monitoring. It’s also confirmed to be running a new version of Google’s Wear OS, rather than Samsung’s own Tizen based software.

We’ll bring you more news on these devices as and when we hear it.

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