Samsung Galaxy S24 now offers HDR photo uploads to Instagram and Snapchat — why it’s a big deal

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on
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With the conclusion of Galaxy Unpacked, we finally have all the information about the Galaxy S24 series. One of the surprise reveals of the day was that the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be able to upload HDR images to Snapchat and Instagram

Samsung has stated that this will be the first time that HDR images can be uploaded to both Instagram and Snapchat. Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to app integration for their device — making this a top choice for the influencers of the world.

Usually, when uploading photos to apps like Instagram, there is a certain amount of compression that happens. However, Samsung’s VP of Intelligent Imaging, Dr Hamid Sheikh stated during the event: “Every photo and video you take, or view, will be shown in its full range of color and contrast, from the moment you snap the content, to the moment you post.”  

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra official press photos.

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In photography, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to the range of light and dark tones within a photo. It is a means to measure the light intensities from the highlights to the shadows. This allows pictures to appear closer to how they appear to the human eye.  

However, the Galaxy S24 series has far more than just HDR that the apps will be able to make use of. For instance, both Snapchat and Instagram can take advantage of Nightography and video stabilization features when taking pictures through the app. While these additions alone won't make you a better photographer, they are a great start, and we have a few hints to go improve further.

These changes will allow the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra to stand ahead of the current best camera phones when it comes to social photography. In theory, taking photos on the apps will offer the same quality as taking photos through the native camera app, and speed up the whole process by removing the need to add the photos to the app.

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