Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera specs just got tipped

a hamds-ono photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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Sources talking to GalaxyClub have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will use the same 10x optical zoom telephoto camera as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, including an identical IMX754 sensor from Sony.

Like with a previous rumor claiming the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus' telephoto cameras wouldn’t change, this would be fairly typical behavior from Samsung. It and many other phone makers tend to stick with the same sensors for several generations of phones before swapping them. That lets them get the best out of the sensors before moving on to new hardware and start the refinement process all over again.

Samsung has never struggled to land phones on our best camera phones guide. It’s likely the Galaxy S23 series will take great photos and get a spot on that list too, even if it’s using near-identical hardware as its predecessors. Plus, there are likely to be new photo software improvements and features.

Users hoping for a more substantial upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra's cameras may still get their wish too. Other rumors have claimed it'll be given a 200MP main camera, a much higher resolution than any comparable flagship camera that should make for incredible detail or brightness depending on how Samsung chooses to use it. However, this was rumored for the Galaxy S22 last year as well and never actually happened, so we'll have to wait for more rumors in the future before we believe it fully.

We’re still within the lifespan of the Galaxy S22 for now, since we shouldn’t see the Galaxy S23 arrive until January of next year. If you can’t wait until then to replace your phone, take a look at our Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra reviews to see which would suit you best, and also read about the new purple color that Samsung’s just released for the Galaxy S22.

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