Samsung Galaxy S22 charging speeds could be a huge let down

Fan render of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with P-shaped camera cutout. Phone is in dark red with light blue background.
(Image credit: OnLeaks / IceUniverse)

Update: Charging for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also set to hit 45 watts.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has been tipped to get a suite of upgrades, but a boost to charging speeds might not be one of them. 

That's going by a screenshot of listings from China's 3C tech regulator (via WHYLAB on Weibo), which seemingly show three different Samsung phone models, believed to be the new Galaxy S22 range. The table shows that the phones can charge at a maximum of 25W, which is the same charging speed as the current Samsung Galaxy S21 line.

As you can see in the screenshot provided by WHYLAB, all the models claimed to be Galaxy S22 phones offer a maximum charging voltage of 11 volts and 2.25 amps. Multiplying the two together gives us a wattage of 24.75W, which rounds up to the claimed 25W speed.

A table taken from China's 3C regulatory website, which shows three Samsung phones, believed to be the Galaxy S22 series, all of which have a maximum charging speed of 25 watts.

(Image credit: WHYLAB on Weibo)

There have been older rumors that have said the Galaxy S22 series could offer 45W or even 65W charging based on tests being run by Samsung. Another rumor has claimed the Galaxy S22 Ultra could offer 45W charging. However, those claims didn't come with regulatory listings to back them up like these have. So it would appear that Samsung has decided to not change anything after completing its experiments.

25W is an okay charging speed to have, particularly if the phone in question has a smaller than average battery, like the Galaxy S22 is expected to have. However for the larger models, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, believed to be using a 5,000 mAh cell like its predecessor, it doesn't look quite as good.

Sure, this charging speed beats the 20W maximum at which you can charge an iPhone 13. But the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series is believed to be offering 30W charging, which will leave the Galaxy S22 in the dust. That's to say nothing of the OnePlus 9 series' 65W charging, or the Xiaomi 11T Pro's incredible 120W charging, two of the fastest charging phones around today; both of which include chargers in the box too, something the Galaxy S22 likely won't have given that Galaxy S21 didn't offer it.

The confusing thing is that Samsung has offered higher charging speeds before. 2020's Galaxy S20 Ultra could be charged at up to 45W if you bought a separate charger, although Samsung then didn't include this feature on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra later in the year and hasn't offered it on a phone since.

Happily there are other rumors that still make the Galaxy S22 series look like a worthwhile upgrade over the Galaxy S21, even if charging isn't one of them. These include a new chip, possibly armed with AMD-powered ray tracing graphics, a built-in S Pen for the Ultra model, and overall smaller sizes for all three expected models to make them easier to handle.

The leaks so far claim we will see the Galaxy S22 phones launch around January or February of next year. So we've not go too long to wait until we see what Samsung does next with its flagship phones. 

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