Samsung Galaxy Note 20 news: What is 'Project C'?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10. (Image credit: Future)

Although the Galaxy S20 isn’t quite on sale yet, we’re already looking ahead to its big brother, the Galaxy Note 20. Sparse details are starting to emerge about this handset, and a cryptic leak has got us guessing others.

First off, the leak itself. Posted by reliable and prolific leaker Ice Universe, we know a little something about the codename for the Note 20. Have a look below and see what you make of it:

That’s not a huge amount of information, but it’s enough to speculate with, based on the previous names Samsung has given its phones while they’re in development. For example, the Galaxy S20 was known as “Picasso” within Samsung’s office and factory walls, with the Galaxy Note 10 before it going by the name “Da Vinci”. 

Before that, Samsung had less of a distinct pattern. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 were named “Star” and “Dream” respectively, and the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 8  went by “Crown” and “Great.” 

And the Galaxy Note 7? That had the name of “Grace,” a word that anyone who was affected by its rather alarming battery heat problems definitely doesn’t associate with their burnt-out handset.

So, assuming Samsung continues with its theme of famous artists, what could Project “C” stand for? As someone who appreciates early-modern landscape paintings, I’m hoping it’ll be “Canaletto,” the 18th century Italian painter. There’s also “Constable” if Samsung fancies naming their new phone after the 19th century British Romantic artist. It could also be Caravaggio, Cabanel, Carpaccio or a whole host of others.

But maybe Samsung will go a completely different direction. Picture this: Samsung has so much new exciting camera tech it wants to use after introducing Space Zoom and a 108MP sensor on the S20 Ultra, it decides to give the Note 20 not one but two camera bumps to fit everything in. Therefore the only appropriate name to describe a phone with two humps? Project Camel.

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