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Roku Streambar release date, price, design and audio specs

Roku Streambar
(Image credit: Roku)

The brand-new Roku Streambar combines two home entertainment devices — a streaming player and a soundbar — into one sleek, compact package. Roku announced the Streambar today (Sept. 28) along with the new Roku Ultra 2020 and the launch of Roku OS 9.4 (coming in the next weeks). 

The Roku Streambar not only streams in 4K HDR, it provides clear, room-filling Dolby Audio. It's a surefire bet to land near the top of our best Roku devices list, and possibly our best soundbars as well.

Roku StreamBar specs

Picture quality: Up to 4K HDR
Audio: Dolby Audio
Speakers: 4
Dimensions: 14 x 2.5 inches
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
In the box: Streambar, power adapter, remote, HDMI cable, optical cable, two batteries

The Roku Streambar comes with everything in the box, including a Roku remote to control your TV, streaming and sound. If you're wondering, the streaming device inside the Roku Streambar is most comparable to the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, our favorite streaming device.

And the new Roku OS 9.4 features smart enhancements to make dialogue crisper and lower loud commercials.

Roku's existing Smart Soundbar ($180) is a powerful audio player with a built-in Roku, as well, but the Streambar is much smaller (less than half its size), and it's more affordable, too.

Roku Streambar price and release date

Roku Streambar costs $129.99 and is available for pre-order now at and major retailers. It's expected to ship in October. 

The Streambar is also available in the U.K., Canada and Mexicio.

Roku Streambar design and features

Roku Streambar design

(Image credit: Roku)

The Roku Streambar is sleek and compact. At just 14 inches wide and 2.4 inches tall, it takes up much less room than its older sibling, the Roku Smart Streambar, which is over 32 inches wide. 

The simple, black, oblong design makes the Roku Streambar unobtrusive and easy to incorporate into most home theater set-ups. 

The Streambar also easily connects and works with the Roku Wireless subwoofer (for richer bass) and Roku Wireless Speakers (for surround sound).

The Roku Streambar supports Bluetooth, to play music and audio from your mobile device. You can also use the Spotify app to stream playlists through the Streambar.

Roku Streambar audio specs

The Roku Streambar has four speakers — two front speakers and two side speakers. Together, they work to enhance clarity, provide crisp dialogue and fill the entire room with rich Dolby audio. 

Roku streambar audio specs

(Image credit: Roku)

The Roku OS supports a range of volume modes that can automatically boost voices, lower loud commercials and optimize for night listening.

Roku Streambar offers and deals

If you purchase a Roku device through Nov. 6 (and redeem by Nov. 8), you can sign up for a three-month trial of Pandora Premium and get ad-free listening, on-demand music and more.

Roku customers who purchase a device between Oct. 23, 2020 and Jan. 31, 2021 get a promo code for three months of free Apple TV Plus (only for new Apple TV Plus subscribers). 

And Roku customers who purchase and activate a device before Oct. 4 can get a 30-day free trial of Showtime, Starz and Epix.