PS5 may not support this beloved PS4 game — but there's a workaround

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When you finally get your hands on the PS5 next month, you may be tempted to try and play P.T., one of the most terrifying game demos to ever exist. Unfortunately, the playable teaser for Silent Hills won't be available to redownload on the upcoming console. 

That’s according to no less a source than Konami. However, that doesn't rule out the possibility that players could potentially enjoy the short-but-sweet teaser on PS5 through other means in the future.

Konami told GamesRadar that no one who still has a copy of P.T. for the PS4 will be able to redownload on PS5, since there’s no listing available on the PlayStation Store. Following its surprise debut and ultimate reveal as a teaser for the now-cancelled Silent Hills, the P.T. demo was subsequently removed from the PlayStation Store in 2015.

Fortunately, there are other means of getting the game file transferred over to the PS5 that don't involve official downloads. P.T. fanatics have been storing their precious game data via Wi-Fi transfer and external storage for some time. The game is an important, difficult-to-obtain gem for many that represents one of the most terrifying prospects ever introduced to gaming. So transferring P.T. from external storage to the PS5 over local Wi-Fi should theoretically work. The only issue standing in anyone's way is whether or not the new console will actually recognize P.T. as a playable game.

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A clip from P.T.

A clip from P.T. (Image credit: Konami/YouTube)

Konami clarified to IGN that it couldn’t "confirm or deny" whether using one of the other transfer methods is actually a viable option. Usually, sending P.T. to another console by way of a data transfer is all that needs to be done to share it with other players. Konami appears to be quite cagey about this particular release, however, though it hasn't dismissed this process is impossible.

Given that P.T. is part of a canceled project (as far as we know of, anyway) following creator Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami, it's likely the developer isn't going to spare any expense to ensure this relic of its past and reminder of Kojima's presence is preserved. However, Sony has yet to comment on the matter. 

Currently, P.T. is nowhere to be found on the official list of PS5 backward compatible games. Konami has consistently gone the extra mile to lock P.T. down and keep it out of player hands. It’s hardly believable that full support would exist for a new generation of P.T. fans to hungrily devour it like the rest of us did six years ago. Still, we can’t help but think of Silent Hills with a wish and a twinkle in our eyes. 

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