PS5 reveal looks imminent after major Sony update

PS5 concept
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Sony has updated its PS5 website adding a few details into the mix, which point towards a big next-generation console reveal on the horizon. Or Sony could simply be teasing us with a big of online Spring cleaning. 

Before you hurry over to the PS5 website, it’s worth noting that there’s been no console reveal or any hints at exclusive games. Sony simply updated some of the text on the PS5 site. 

That text doesn’t reveal anything new either; it simply touts the performance of the PS5 and its “lightning speed.” No specs were mentioned, though we’ve already heard about its AMD Zen 2 CPU, 10.28 teraflop GPU and custom SSD in a deep-dive by Mark Cerny.

The new text also noted that “stunning games” are to be expected and PlayStation fans will “marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.” And another paragraph mentions how the PS5 will deliver “breathtaking immersion,” with Sony touting the PS5’s haptic feedback, the adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller, and the console’s 3D Audio technology. 

Again, there was no mention of any PS5 exclusive games or any slither of information suggesting what the PS5 could look like. That’s in polar opposite to the new pre-order page for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which has a suite of images detailing the engineering that’s gone into the console. 

We can read into the PS5 website update in two ways. Either it’s a simple content update and nothing else, or it’s a preamble to a major PS5 showcase. We’re expecting a major PS5 event on June 3, which we’re hoping will finally reveal the console’s design as well as a slew of exclusive games such as a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn or perhaps Bloodborne 2. 

It would also be nice if Sony gave us a clue as to how much the PS5 will cost. At the moment it’s expected to retail at around $500, which could be undercut by Xbox Series X. But with June 4 a little over a week away, we don’t have long to wait for some potential news.

Roland Moore-Colyer

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