Pixel Watch colors hinted at by Google’s online coloring book

Google Pixel Watch leak
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Yesterday, it was revealed that Google produced a coloring book for Pixel superfans which inadvertently acknowledged the existence of a Pixel 6a handset. Today, 9to5Google has spotted that the online version offers possible hints to the colors of the rumored upcoming Pixel Watch

On the website colors.withgoogle.com, you get an approximation of the physical colouring book sent to Pixel Superfans. But as it’s a virtual experience, Google limits the shades you can use to a color list that will sound familiar to anybody who has ever browsed the company’s hardware catalogues before. Think “Sorta Sage," “Just Black” and “Coral Pop.”

But each of the 14 virtual pencils comes with a description of where the product is found, and four of them — Just Black, Lemon Pop, Pale Yellow and Dark Olive — are described as being used in Google’s wearable line (though “Sorta Sage” and “Clearly White” are listed as being present across everything). 

Possible Pixel Watch colors

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That raises the obvious question of “what wearable line?” The only products Google makes that could plausible be described as wearable are the Pixel Buds earphones, and while the Pixel Buds A-Series does indeed come in Dark Olive, the two yellow shades are nowhere to be seen.

The Pixel Watch is said to be joining this list, and perhaps as soon as May to tie in with Google I/O. And while what appears to be leaked marketing material shows the wearable with traditional white and black bands, it sounds like Google may have something more playful up its figurative and literal sleeve. 

So what will Lemon Pop and Pale Yellow look like? Well, you can grab a virtual pencil and scribble for yourself if you want to see it with your own eyes, but Google offers its own description too. 

Possible Pixel Watch colors

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Lemon Pop, a “bright, expressive fluorescent lemon color”,  is “vibrant, uplifting, providing optimism and positivity,” while Pale Yellow is “warm, sunny, buttery and approachable.” It is, apparently, “inspired by the color of the rising sun," which is weird given Google has a shade called “Sunrise” exclusively for its Nest products.

Not a great deal is known about the Pixel Watch so far, but renders show it featuring a round face and an Apple Watch-style crown on the right-hand side. It’s apparently being built by the Pixel Hardware group rather than by Fitbit, the company’s $2.1 billion purchase, but some Fitbit software integration could feature in Wear OS apparently.

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