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Oculus Quest 2 release date just leaked — here's when it's coming

(Image credit: WalkingCat/Twitter)

A few days ago, we got our first glimpse of the next Oculus Quest. Now, the sequel to the best VR headset has a possible release date: September 15.

That’s according to Twitter leaker WalkingCat, who posted another picture of the headset with said date as the caption.

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So, what can we learn from these shots? Well, it doesn’t look like Oculus is planning on reinventing the wheel here. At a glance, new white and black colors cheme aside, there’s very little difference between the two headsets. But there are definitely changes – some more welcome than others.

It looks a touch slimmer and lighter than the previous version, for a start. That’s objectively a good thing, as the heavier a headset, the more uncomfortable it is to wear for extended periods. 

Further images of what appears to be an early production unit were leaked to Reddit, so here’s a better look at what you’re likely to be getting without the press shot sheen.

Leaked shots of the Oculus Quest 2

(Image credit: Reddit)

There are other changes which feel a bit more neutral – the straps seem to have been redesigned with velcro dropped in favor of something wholly different. The built-in cameras for tracking appear to have been dropped lower, as well. Assuming this makes for better tracking, then it’s hard to argue that’s not a good thing given aesthetically it makes next to no difference.

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But there’s one change that rings minor alarm bells. While the original Oculus Quest had an IDP (interpupillary distance) slider on the bottom of the headset, it’s nowhere to be seen here. The IDP was there to improve owners’ experience by allowing them to adjust the distance between the lenses, and its absence here is a little worrying. 

That could mean that the Quest 2 will switch from using dual displays to a single screen as seen on the Oculus Rift 2. That might in turn suggest a switch from OLED screen technology to LCD – which may sound like a downgrade given what it means for contrast, but could help improve the 72Hz refresh rate we have on the current-generation Quest.   

The images from WalkingCat appear to be press shots, which certainly suggests a formal announcement is imminent. We’d expect that to be in time for the Oculus Connect developers’ conference, but thanks to the current state of the world, no formal date has been given with just “later this year” pegged for the digital-only event. 

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