Miss Prime Day? LG 55-inch 4K TV Now Just $349

LG 55UK6090PUA
(Image credit: LG)

There are lots of TV brands on the market; the trick is finding a really good TV brand. LG is one of the few manufacturers that employs top-quality parts in sets that are built to last.

The LG 55UK6090PUA, a 55-inch device complete with 4K resolution and HDR color, is currently on sale for $350, and LG sets rarely get that cheap. The TV usually retails for $500.

LG 55UK6090PUA: was $500, now $350 @ Walmart

LG 55UK6090PUA: was $500, now $350 @ Walmart

The LG 55UK6090PUA is a 55-inch set that features 4K resolution, HDR color support and a webOS operating system. The TV features sharp picture, vivid colors and a powerful processor, enabling streaming from a variety of sources.

For the most part, the LG 55UK6090PUA's selling points are self-explanatory. LG makes excellent screens, and pays particular attention to color accuracy. Couple that with UHD resolution and HDR palettes, and just about anything you watch or play is going to look pretty good. A 55-inch screen is big enough for most living rooms without overwhelming the whole space.

There's also WebOS, which is one of the better smart TV operating systems. You can access content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, Sling, Vudu and more. If you have smart home devices via Google Home or Alexa, you can even sync up them up with the TV.

Since Tom's Guide has not reviewed this particular model, I hunted down user reviews to see if the set might have any hidden flaws. Most users seem ecstatic with their purchases. A handful complained about LG's so-so customer service, though, so you may need to jump through a few hoops if you need support.

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