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Will South Park: The Streaming Wars 2 come out? Here's what we know

Cartman holding a duffel bag in South Park: The Streaming Wars
(Image credit: South Park and Paramount Plus via YouTube)

There's gotta be a South Park Streaming Wars 2, right? That was the question on the tip of my tongue ever since I finished the first chapter of one of South Park's most shocking specials ever. And the good news is that we're going to get another South Park special soon. The only question is its story.

In only 48 minutes (around the length of two episodes), South Park: The Streaming Wars managed to put Cartman in one of the most shocking positions since we heard the name "Scott Tenorman," provided commentary on one of its most regrettable moments, and then lampooned the entire situation going on with the best streaming services.

Confused? Wondering what "regrettable moment" I'm speaking of? Well, South Park's now shown that ManBearPig (its stand-in for climate change) is very real, and it kills. The episode did everything (all at once), in that way that only South Park can.

But the question remains: what's going on with South Park Streaming Wars 2?

Is South Park Streaming Wars 2 happening?

Paramount Plus has not announced a South Park Streaming Wars 2, yet. I say "yet" because it feels like a sequel will happen.

First of all, we need some context. South Park: The Streaming Wars is the third of 14 South Park specials to be made for Paramount Plus. The two previous chapters South Park: Post Covid, and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid were (as their titles suggest) a two-part special. Those specials came out in November and December of last year, with less than a month between releases.

The press release announcing South Park: The Streaming Wars noted "Paramount+ will debut a fourth 'South Park' exclusive event later this summer," which gives us even more hope for a follow-up.

That, dear friends, is only half of the reason why we expect a South Park Streaming Wars 2. The latter half is because of that thing Cartman did. You know, get breast implants that are each the size of his own (notably large) head. Then, you have the unresolved plotline about the "streaming" wars and ManBearPig being the agent of chaos for water park owner Pi Pi.

Sure, now that Cussler Industries exec Talnua Cussler is dead (another of ManBearPig's kills), there's a way to see the "streaming" wars story as being over, but Randy and Steve Black's war for the water of Colorado still seems to be going on. Meanwhile, Steve Black is missing in action, and Randy is out investigating Cussler.

It all sounds like a setup for a second half.

Outlook: When would South Park Streaming Wars 2 come out?

As we mentioned above, South Park's Post-Covid specials debuted within a month of each other. That's why we anticipate Paramount Plus and South Park Studios to announce South Park: The Streaming Wars 2 any day now. 

The first special's been out for a week at the time of publishing, so another couple of weeks sounds like a proper amount of time for marketing this whole thing. It could take longer, but who knows how many popular streaming shows Trey Parker and Matt Stone are mining for ideas. Maybe they're waiting for Stranger Things 4 volume 2 to come out first.

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