iPhone 15 Pro action button looks confirmed thanks to leaked Apple-made case

an image of an iPhone 15 Pro render and claimed solid-state buttons
(Image credit: MacRumors)

Another sign of the iPhone 15 Pro's alleged new Action button has been found in the form of an apparent official Apple leather case for the new device, posted to Twitter/X by leaker Majin Bu.

Most iPhone cases tend to have a cut-out in their sides to accommodate the current mute switch, but this particular case instead uses a small button, similar to the existing power and volume keys but shorter. This looks to be further evidence that the slider is out, and a new button is in.

Otherwise, Majin Bu presents us with a trio of otherwise familiar-looking iPhone cases in black, green and blue. Blue is one of the iPhone 15 colors we've heard could be an option on the Pro models, but while black and green have been offered historically on Pro iPhones, they may not be an option this year. That said, not all of Apple's case colors match the ones available on the iPhones themselves, so this doesn't prove or disprove the existence of green, black or blue iPhone 15s.

An alleged iPhone 15 Pro case, showing off a new button on its left side

(Image credit: Majin Bu/X)

One other potential change that we may be able to see on these cases are their rounded edges, which could point to the rumored redesign of the iPhone 15 that will give it a curvier profile. However, here it could be part of the case's own design rather than an element meant to mimic the new iPhone.

An alleged iPhone 15 Pro case, showing off a new button on its left side

(Image credit: Majin Bu/X)

The Action button rumored for the iPhone 15 is thought to only be present on the Pro models, leaving the standard and Plus with the mute switch for at least another year. Further rumors have suggested the new button will behave a lot like the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, offering multiple possible functions depending on what you set it to do in the Settings app.

As well as muting and unmuting your iPhone, the Action button could also be capable of activating your camera or flashlight, quickly open apps or shortcuts and more according to findings within the iOS 17 beta.

We should get confirmation of this rumor and all the others we've been hearing about the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max very soon. Next month is September, the traditional iPhone launch month, and with the rumor mill also suggesting we'll see an Apple September event around the usual time, that gives us just over a month until we get all the official details.

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