iPhone 13 mini is apparently still on the way — despite iPhone 12 mini flop

iPhone 13 mini rumors
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The iPhone 12 mini hasn't had a particularly good launch, with some reports claiming Apple could be ready to end production in favor of the more popular iPhone 12 models. That news doesn’t bode well for the iPhone 13 mini

Or does it? According to Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the iPhone 13 mini is still on the way. Even if it means Apple doesn’t make as many this time round.

Prosser suggests that the iPhone 12 mini was at a disadvantage thanks to the release of the refreshed iPhone SE in mid-2020. After all, it was a smaller version of the iPhone, with a low price that is extremely appealing. It also had the same A13 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 11, which was the best chip Apple had to offer when the new SE launched.

The same kind of people who would buy an iPhone 12 mini were also the people who would buy an iPhone SE, and so Apple was effectively competing with itself. The iPhone 13 mini isn’t going to have that sort of disadvantage, because Prosser claims there won’t be an updated iPhone SE in 2021.

What about the iPhone SE Plus?

There may be a larger iPhone SE Plus, which is presumably a larger version of last year’s SE refresh. But what that phone would involve, beyond the larger screen and design, isn’t clear. So while we can’t predict how an iPhone SE Plus will impact iPhone 13 sales, it’s not specifically meant for the people who would normally buy the iPhone 13 mini.

So expect to see four flagship iPhones again this year, with the iPhone 13 mini being joined by the iPhone, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Though that might not be all we see. There are constant rumors that a foldable iPhone is coming, though recent rumors suggest the iPhone Flip still quite a way off. We’ve also heard talk of a portless iPhone that could also arrive this year.

Some reports claim that there will only be a single portless iPhone coming this year, though Prosser himself has speculated that both iPhone 13 Pro models may go down this route. Though it’s impossible to say at this early stage if any of these rumors has merit.

In any case, it looks as though Apple’s 2021 iPhone line-up is going to be as packed as ever. And fans of the small iPhones aren’t going to be disappointed.

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