iMac 2021 just leaked in five colors — and get ready for Mac Pro Mini

iMac 2021 leak
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

If this iMac 2021 leak is real then color us giddy. It appears that Apple may be going back to its roots, and extending the color options we've seen in the iPad Air 2020.

This comes to us from Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser via a video we've embedded below. In the clip, he also reveals the latest Pro Mac, the Mac Pro mini. Yes, now that Apple's switching over to Apple Silicon, it's going to shake up its entire lineup of designs with the newfound freedoms of ditching Intel.

Prosser shared renders from Concept Creator based on what he's heard about Apple's current prototype designs, While they look a little blockier than the iMac 2020, the big news as you can see us that the blue, green, rose gold, silver and space grey colors of the iPad Air are in Apple's plans.

The ports seen on the back are just based on what we've seen before, he notes.

The big caveat here is that these are just prototypes. They're not anything Apple is wed to yet. Still, though, they look great enough to produce, and reintroduces color to the iMac lineup. It's been a while since we've talked about the color "bondi blue" but the iMac debuted with splashes of color, and the return thereof only makes sense.

Prosser also revealed that the tiny, rumored Mac Pro (the Mac Pro mini) is going to "look almost like the old [Power Mac] G4 Cubes," and not the previous leak — which just looked like a smaller Mac Pro.

Mac Pro mini

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

Prosser described the small Mac Pro as three to four Mac Minis stacked on top of each other. His sources specific words were "compute unit on bottom, big heat sink on top."

This new Mac Pro could show how wild and weird Apple can get now that it's shedding the rules about how Intel-based systems need to be designed. We're curious to see what Apple announces at its next events, so stay tuned to hear about the latest Apple rumors.

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