Huge Chromecast with Google TV leak reveals final design and interface

Chromecast with Google TV
(Image credit: Win Future)

A hands-on video for a new Google Chromecast with Google TV has been shown off ahead of the next-generation streaming dongle's official reveal next week. 

Though the new product will be called "Google Chromecast with Google TV," it’s thought that this is the long-rumored Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina. This device will be the successor to the Chromecast Ultra, and the first device in a while to be running Android TV, which now looks to be called Google TV. 

The video was posted on Reddit by a user going by the name of jsterninja, and briefly shows off the Chromecast’s box. It pretty much confirms a lot of what we’ve seen in previous leaks, in that the Chromecast 4 will have a new oval-shaped design and feature a new remote. 

(sound off) new chromecast? from r/googlehome

That’s all well and good, but another Reddit user called fuzztub07 posted photos of the new Chromecast out of it’s box, further confirming its design. The “Chromecast Voice Remote” looks rather neat, with a navigation wheel and simple but neatly arranged buttons. 

Scrolling through the chromecast UI for those that were interested from r/googlehome

Speaking of simple, the remote and dongle are joined by a power adapter, cable, and a pair of AAA batteries inside the box. There’s not a lot in the way of extras. 

But more interestingly, the Redditor showed off photos and a video of the user interface, which further confirms that Android TV appears to have been reworked into Google TV. There’s not a lot to see here, but it showed support for the Disney Plus service, as well as tabs for apps, movies, and what looks like a selection of content curated for the user. 

There was no mention of Google Stadia though, despite the rumors we’ve heard that built-in support for Google game streaming service was coming to the new Chromecasts. However, there was a section for games that could be played with a gamepad, though these didn't look like Stadia games. 

Another photo revealed that there’s 4.4GB of internal storage in the new Chromecast, which isn’t a lot. But then large amounts of storage aren’t needed for a streaming device. 

Android Police posited that the lack of Chromecast 4 branding could mean that this device marks a new generation for Chromecast devices that will now lean heavily on Google TV. Given the Chromecast brand has been around for some time, it would not come as a surprise for Google to give it a major overhaul. 

We’re expecting to see what Google has planned for the future of Chromecast on September 30, which is when we also expect to see the Google Pixel 5 and Google Nest Speaker get officially revealed. 

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